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Aesthetic medicine
Well-groomed appearance is the key to success in personal life and business circles. It allows a person to feel confident among others and always be at the forefront. Aesthetic microsurgery contributes to this, which opens up wide opportunities for improving hair, eyelids, eyebrows, etc. This direction helps to emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of appearance. All methods are aimed at a comprehensive solution to the problem, and not its disguise. Therefore, the effect persists for a long time. Bigeldiev Rishat Khalilulayevich is a doctor of eye microsurgery and reconstructive, plastic surgery of the eyelids. Performed more than 6000 successful operations. Performs about 8 operations daily.
For whom?
· Elimination of ptosis of the eyelids
· - Inversion of the eyelids (entropion)
· - Inversion of the eyelids (ectropion)
· Reconstruction of the century of any complexity. (congenital anomalies, injuries)
· Plastic surgery on the eyelids with modeling of folds and epicantoplasty.
· Decompression of orbits in endocrine pathology of the thyroid gland.
· Elimination of exophthalmos by partial decompression of the orbit.
· Blepharoplasty of any complexity and modification.
· Removal of neoplasms (papillomas, moles, etc., followed by histological analysis of the material)
· Cosmetic removal of scars in any part of the body.

The direction of aesthetic medicine in RB-CLINIC
Operations are carried out:
Bigeldiev Rishat Khalilulayevich
Ophthalmic surgeon, holder of the title of Golden Scalpel, Rudolf Virchov and Altyn Dariger, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, founder and Medical Director of RB CLINIC
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Kerimzade Daniz Jafarovich
Plastic Surgeon
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Darbuzov Ruslan Nurlybekovich

Ophthalmic surgeon

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Nasipov Kirman Alimardanovich

Plastic Surgeon

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