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Lenticular extraction through a small incision (SMILE) represents the next generation of laser vision correction after the technologies of PRK and LASIK, Femto-LASIK. This is a minimally invasive, flap-free technique that combines the advantages of the technologies of two previous generations. Flap formation is not required, the surface layer of the cornea remains mostly intact. Fewer cases of dry eye syndrome and other postoperative complications have been recorded. This is a gentle technique characterized by rapid restoration of vision
Formation of a denticle. A thin lenticule is formed inside the intact cornea and a micro-incision for access to it
Cuticle removal. The lenticule is removed through a micro-incision with minimal intervention in the biomechanics of the cornea
Vision correction has been performed. Removal of the cuticle changes the shape of the cornea, resulting in its correction
Stages of treatment
Laser keratomylosis, or LASIK, is a modern method of forming a superficial corneal flap. Vision is quickly restored. Postoperative complications associated with the formation of the corneal flap are rare. However, in the course of research, there were more cases of dry eye syndrome than when using SMILE technology. Femto-LASIK is the most advanced technology with the formation of a corneal flap, which is currently widely used all over the world.
Formation of the corneal flap. Local anesthesia is performed using special eye drops. Using femtosecond laser pulses, a slice of the surface flap.
Effective interaction. Thanks to the device of the rotary support system of the mechanism, the patient moves from the femtosecond laser to the excimer laser.
Lifting of the corneal flap. The resulting flap bends like a page of a book, exposing the inner corneal tissue to which the laser will be directed
Stages of treatment
Formation of a new corneal surface. The excimer laser, acting pointwise, removes the corneal tissue within a few seconds, thereby correcting vision
Return the flap to its original position. Then the flap returns to its original position, acting as a natural protection.
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is a method of surgical intervention by ablation of the surface layer of the cornea of the eye. Restoration of vision after PRK usually requires more time than after other procedures, and may be accompanied by feelings of some discomfort. Nevertheless, despite the development of other methods of laser vision correction, PRK is still used today as the most economical option.
Preparation of the epithelial layer. A diluted alcohol solution is applied to the cornea of the eye to dissolve the epithelial layer.
Removal of the epithelial layer. With the help of surgical instruments, the removal or displacement of the epithelium is carried out.
Formation of a new corneal surface. Under the influence of an excimer laser, the necessary thickness of the corneal tissue is formed in a matter of seconds, which contributes to vision correction
Stages of treatment
Eye protection. At the end of the procedures, a bandage lens is applied on the surface of the eye for several hours during the restoration of the epithelial layer.
Laser vision correction
Seamless Cataract Surgery
Reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and appendage
Using the latest German medical equipment of the company with the latest CARL ZEISS MEDITEC VisuMax +MEL 90. By such methods as: PRK, Femto LASIK, ReLEx SMILE
Cataract surgery using modern seamless technology with the implantation of the most modern intraocular lenses, the clinic also has the possibility of surgical treatment of glaucoma.
In our clinic there is a unique opportunity to receive surgical treatment of eyelids of any complexity.
From congenital diseases to acquired ones.
Laser eye treatment
Our patients have a unique opportunity to assess the problem of your retina in the early stages, in case of detection of retinal rupture or risks of its detachment, we will conduct preventive laser treatment
Surgical treatment of glaucoma
The clinic has the possibility, as well as minimally invasive laser trabeculotomy, and implantation of drainage of any modification
Consultation on laser correction
Consultation with an allergist
Consultation with a cardiologist
Visometry, autorefractometry, autorefractometry with cyplogy, PENTOCAM keratotopography, ophthalmoscopy, biomicroscopy, simple/complex correction
Preparation of the patient for seasonal exacerbation of allergies.
Diagnosis and treatment of patients with allergenic pathology. Preparation of the patient before surgery.
Introduction of patients with cardiological pathology. Preparation of the patient before elective surgery. Removal of hypertensive crisis, etc. ECG
Laboratory and instrumental methods of preoperative diagnosis
Visometry, autorefractometry, autorefractometry with cyplogy, PENTOCAM keratotopography, ophthalmoscopy, biomicroscopy, simple/complex correction
RB CLINIC is a modern medical center, the focus of which is eye microsurgery and aesthetic medicine
The center is equipped with the latest medical equipment and a team of professional doctors under the guidance of Dr. Bigeldiev.
An average of 8 operations are performed daily in the clinic, in some cases this figure reaches 30
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In 2021 RB CLINIC made a complete upgrade of operating and diagnostic equipment
One of the most important replacements is a brand new Femtosecond ophthalmic laser ZEISS VisuMax, the only copy received on the territory of Kazakhstan. And also the newest excimer laser MEL 90, and the Pentacam keratotopograph are installed to it, the combination of this German equipment allows performing laser vision correction according to the most modern methods at the world level. And it opens up new possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of eye diseases.
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