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Children's Ophthalmology Clinic
The reception is conducted by a pediatric ophthalmologist, a doctor with many years of experience Aliya Kairgeldinovna
The opportunity to see this world well is very important for a child: only then does he comprehend it in its entirety.
For the youngest, the main thing is that the visual system develops correctly. Teenagers have other problems: heavy loads at school cause visual fatigue, which can lead to serious diseases. Children's oculists remind parents — the earlier the solution of vision problems begins, the more opportunities there are to get a really good result. The visual system in childhood is very flexible. It is easier to influence it, it is more susceptible than in adults. However, the situation changes over time, the main thing is not to miss a favorable moment!
Children's Ophthalmology Clinic
Why is it important to monitor children's eyesight?
The functional development of the organ of vision begins immediately after the birth of a child and lasts until 12-14 years. It is in childhood that it is easiest to cope with most eye diseases without resorting to surgery. However, this requires timely diagnosis and timely treatment. Often too much depends on when the disease is detected. After all, the chances of success can disappear very quickly. No need to wait until the "secret" problems become apparent! Bring your child to a specialist, and you will be sure that his vision is developing correctly.
The clinic has the opportunity to carry out a full diagnosis, get specialist advice on the diagnosis and medical prognosis of the state of vision, draw up a prevention program, conduct as a therapeutic treatment.
Specialists know all modern techniques and are well versed in the psychology of young patients. This makes the treatment not only the most effective, but also the most comfortable, which is especially important for both children and their parents.
Since the child's visual system is constantly developing, children need dynamic observation by an oculist. Only in this case it is always possible to take into account the changes that have arisen and adjust the treatment or preventive program in accordance with the situation.
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